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This element allows you to show the number of products bought at a specific time and this is a fake feature that helps store owners boost sales. This builds customer trust and may result in a faster purchase

1. How to add a product sold element

From the Single Product tab, you can drag and drop the Product Sold element to wherever you want it to stay.


2. How to configure the product sold element

2.1. Content

  • Minimum/Maximum number of products sold: The product quantity will be shown randomly. However, you can adjust the min/max product quantity that was sold via this option. Also, the Minimum product sold number must be less than the maximum product sold.
  • Minimum/Maximum number of time: You can configure the number of the minimum/ maximum time that will show on the product sold. Also, the Minimum time number must be less than the maximum time.
  • Text: You can enter the content that you wanna show on the product sold option here.
  • Icon: Select the icon for the product sold.
  • Icon animation: Turn on this option to set the animation for the icon.
  • Loop time(2): You also can adjust Loop time freely.

2.2. Design


  • Justify content: This allows you to align the flexible container’s items when the items do not use all available space on the main-axis (horizontally).
  • Spacing: Select the space between the product sold and the other elements.


It includes TypographyText Color, and Text Shadow fields that are applicable to text. Typography can be set for all devices.


  • Color: Set color for the icon.
  • Size: Set up the size of the icon for each device.
  • Rotate: Allow to set the rotate degree for each device.
  • Spacing: Select the space between the icon and the text.

Animation Effect

  • Animation: This allows you to select the animation for the button. There are 21 options.

You can follow this video below for details about the design product sold.

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