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Customers can examine the number of people who have visited or viewed a specific product’s page on a website or e-commerce platform by using the “Product visitors” element from EComposer. Yet, this feature might contribute to a significant rise in product sales, therefore this kind of information might be useful.

1. Content

Minimum number of visitors/ Maximum number of visitors: Show a fake number of visitors who are visiting your product page. Also, Minimum visitors number must be less than maximum visitors.

Change count number every(second): Enabling you to control the new visitor counter’s timer change.

Text: The text shows the number of visitors online. Example: {people} are viewing this right now.

Icon: This will allow you to change the icon that represents the person viewing your product.

Alignment: There, you can easily change the position of the Product viewer.

2. Design

Icon: When it comes to the icon’s design, you can alter some of the fundamental elements, like Alignment, Size, Rotation, Color for the Normal or Hover effect, Background color, and Others.

Text: While discussing text design, several of the fundamental settings, like Typography, Text color, Text gradient, Text-shadow, and Spacing, can be changed.

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