Section Builder

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This is a wonderful feature of the EComposer app, it will provide users with a variety of interesting experiences while also saving them as much time as possible. Users can use this feature to create a section following their choice, and then insert it into the published theme in their store.

1. Create a section in the Extra Builder option

There are 2 ways for you to create a Section:

  • You can flexibly add the element such as Heading, Icon List, GG Map, or more for your Section ( For experienced people)
  • Better you may try the example Sections layout from our app by a click on Explore Library/ Template Library and choosing Section. After that, you can change the information that belongs to your store ( For someone new to creating)

2. Insert the section into the Shopify theme

After you created the section, it will be saved here:

The Section that you just created has been saved here

You can follow the video below to know how to Add a section to the Shopify theme​:

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