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We really don’t want to see you leave and don’t want to have to send you this article at all :((

If you face any problem during installation or using EComposer, please contact us via live chat, [email protected] email or Facebook messenger before you decide to uninstall the app, our support team will assist you immediately.

Finally, if you still decide to uninstall the app, please follow the steps below to make sure the codes will be removed from your publish theme.

1. Restore to Shopify default template.

Before uninstalling the app, please restore all pages and templates that you created and using to Shopify default.

  • Restore homepage: If you are using the homepage created by EComposer, please restore to Shopify default homepage following the below video.
  • Restore to Shopify default template: If you are using the Product, Collection, Blog, Article, Header, Footer or Megamenu template that was created by EComposer, please restore all to Shopify template. The same steps with restore to Shopify default homepage.
Guide video about restoring to Shopify default homepage

2. Uninstall the app

Before uninstalling any apps, it’s important to check the app’s help documentation to determine whether there are any steps required to complete the uninstallation. 

2.1. Revert to the default theme before uninstalling the app

To uninstall the app, please go to App dashboard -> Settings -> Click on the Cancel charge button first to downgrade your plan to Free to make sure you won’t continue to be charged the app for later cycles.

Then click on the Reset button. This action will remove all your data, layouts, configs, and restore your theme back to the original. Also, it will remove all code on your published theme.

Important note:

1. The Reset action will delete all code, pages and templates from the published theme.

2. After uninstalled EComposer, the pages that you created in the app will be unpublished. In EComposer app, they will be moved to the Trash. In case you delete the app by accident, you can reinstall the app and restore the page to continue using them. If not, the pages will be deleted permanently after 30 days and there is no way to restore them.

Finally, go to Shopify admin -> Apps -> to delete the app.

2.2. Remove the app’s codes manually

If you delete EComposer without running the Reset button, we no longer have access to your store, then you can manually remove the app’s code from your live theme or any themes which have the app’s code and you plan to set them live in the future.

You can check this document in order to check which code and file are automatically added after installing EComposer to remove it manually after uninstalling.

Please note that uninstalling an app is an irreversible operation.

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