Create your landing page

First we need to understand what is Landing Page? What is a landing page? The

LAI Product Review

LAI Product Review is one of the popular product review apps on the Shopify App


The filters feature helps your customers find products in a faster way and also increases

Applied Filters

1. Generals From the left side (Elements tab) > Collection Page element, you will see the


Inventory is an element that uses to show the product quantity status on your products

Product Accordion

EComposer allows you to add Product Accordion to the product page. There is also an


Metafields allows you to customize the functionality and appearance of your Shopify store by letting

Product Extra Properties

The Product Extra Properties element will allow you to add Extra Properties information for your


Product variants are combinations of a product, for example those that have different colours or

Product Tab

The best way to help your customers understand your products is by offering them all