Pro Image Editor

Elevate your photo editing game with EComposer’s latest Edit Pro setting. Now, enjoy an array

Revy – Product Bundles

The app allows online merchants to create and offer product bundles to their customers. With


This element makes it possible to highlight your achievements anywhere within your store. For example,

Related Element

Similar to the Related Product element, the Related element are basically suggestions that complement the

How To Create a Cart page in Shopify?

The Cart page is an essential component of an e-commerce website. It is the page

Cart Gift Wrap

Introducing the Cart Gift Wrap Element, an innovative feature that adds a touch of elegance

Seal Subscriptions & Loyalty

The app will add a subscription widget next to the add to cart button on

SMSBump: SMS Marketing & Email

With SMSBump, you can seamlessly grow your SMS & email lists, recover abandoned carts, and

How to change the font for the page in ECompo

When creating the pages in EComposer, you might want to use Shopify default font or

Buy Now

The “Buy Now” button is a call-to-action button that allows customers to quickly purchase a