How to create a Password/Coming soon page?

A pre-launch page, often known as a coming soon page, is a landing page where

How to add a hyperlink to a text?

When you are in the business store, sometimes you would like to demonstrate more details

Announcement Bar

An announcement bar is often shown at the top of your Shopify store with customizable

How to not lose content if you have trouble s

For example, if you create a page but encounter an error when saving, you may

Page Actions

As you know when you finish with your Page, you are going to click on

How to find or turn off Storefront password?

Enabling the password page will allow you to limit customers’ access to your online store.

How to reverse position of element?

You may occasionally want to move an element’s location on each platform (Desktop, Tablet, and

Sticky Add To Cart

Sticky Add To Cart shows an elegant sticky bar at the bottom on product pages,

Product Review

Shopify Star Rating allows displaying the average star rating and the total review count on


The Rating element could say this is one of most the important parts of any