File Uploads by UploadKit

Allow your clients to select the file they want to upload from any location, including

Text result

The Text result element will assist you in displaying the quantity of items that meet

Predictive Search

Predictive Search is an extension of EComposer, it is used to enable suggested results to

How to solve the Icon does not appear to be t

As you upload the icon, it appears that another one with a different color and

Swym Back in Stock Alerts

Whenever a product is out of stock, you continue to push the sale with the

Exit Popup

Most EComposer users are seeking an exit popup, such as the first impression for the

Subscription Plans

Subscription plans will list all plans and the permissions on each plan of EComposer. 1.


Related to the LookBook element, which will demonstrate the Product Information. Each product featured in

How can you resolve the issue “Do not c

While editing in the EComposer editor, somehow that exhibits the issue such as the screenshot

Why the product grid doesn’t show on li

In this article, we will explain to you why there are some Product Grid elements