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Related to the LookBook element, which will demonstrate the Product Information. Each product featured in the LookBook is accompanied by essential information such as product names, descriptions, prices, and available sizes or colours. This helps customers make informed purchasing decisions.

Drag and drop the LookBook element to any position you would like to.

1. Content


  • Image: You could utilize the image as the main image, including Editing the image size, or Use the caption as well.


  • Item: You can select the Product for each item, as well as the symbol for the LookBook.
  • Add item: Simply select the Add item option if you’d like to add more items to the LookBook.

Product Card

To keep the portion you want to display exclusively, select the condition below. I want to use the Product Title, Price, and Short description, as in the example video below.

  • Product title: If necessary, you could change the HTML tag by selecting the “Show title on one row” option.
  • Product price: For the initial price, you may enter words like “From:…”
  • Product type: The text for the Product type title might be set to something like “Type:…”
  • Sale value badge: If the product is on sale, you can select a Save badge type like Percent or Amount. Also, you may choose Show on the image if needed.
  • Product badge: You can place a badge here, such as a hot or new tag, if that product is on sale and you want to display it.
  • Product short description: If you select this option, a short and clear overview could be shown for the user to read. Also, you may set how many words to show as well.
  • Use Quickview 3rd party app: Choose this option to enable Quickview if you have any Quickview apps and prefer to use them.
  • Open the product detail page in a new tab: By selecting this option, you might force it to open a new tab after clicking on the Product

Slider setting

  • Autoplay: Feel free to select Autoplay in the setting, if you want the auto-play effect
  • Navigation: In order to use the Slider, you can either select the Navigation or the Pagination. The position for that can then be selected.
  • Transition: You can control when you transition to the following slide by using this option.

2. Design

  • Image box + LookBook box: With the following settings, such as Width, Horizontal, Vertical, and Padding, you might alter for them.
  • Image: Modifying Width, Max Width, Height, Alignment, Image Fit, Normal + Hover effects like CSS Filter, Box Shadow, and others will be possible with this.
  • LookBook pin: This will let you change the Width, Height, Alignment, Hover + Normal + Active effect might be changed with Background colour, Box shadow, Border, and Border radius.
  • LookBook icon: Allow you to modify the Color, Size, Rotate, and spacing between the icon.
  • Product Image: This will let you modify the Image fit, Ratio, Background, Box-shadow, Border, Border-radius.
  • Title: You could modify the Alignment, Typography, Normal + Hover effect for the Text colour, and Text shadow, including the Fix number of lines, and Spacing.
  • Price Box: When you modify this price, it will let you set the Alignment, Width, and Padding.
  • Price/Sale price/Compare at price/ Price from text/SKU title: This will let you change the design with the Typography, Text colour, Text gradient, Text shadow, and Spacing.
  • Product type/SKU/Vendor/Product description: This will let you modify the Alignment, Width, Typography, Text colour and so many more settings for the design.
  • Sale value badge/Sale badge/Sold out badgeProduct badge/Quick view button: You could modify the Position, Horizontal Orientation, Offset Left, Vertical Orientation, Offset Top, Z-index, Width, Height, and a few more settings for the typography.
  • Navigation: You can see the Width, Height, Normal + Hover + Active effect for the Color, Border, Border-radius. and Spacing

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