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With Google Maps you can develop customized map-based applications for your company. Google Maps is usually the basis of any map application for displaying data with a location reference. With custom markers, lines, colors, polygons, and images tailored to your company.

1. Adding Google Maps To Your Page

You can add the Google Maps element in these 2 simple step:

  1. Click into Elements –> Basic –> Google Maps
  2. Drag the icon element from the left sidebar and Drop itwherever you want it to stay.
How To Add Google Maps Element With The EComposer App

Notice: Please use the correct address and write it in normal character, do not use special characters.

2. Configure Google Maps

2.1. Changing Google Map with “Content”

If you want to change the Google Maps Element to be better suitable for your store, you can do so with Settings such as Changing the location, Zoom in or out, Changing the height of the Maps or change the Maps ratio according to your Devices.

How To Change The Content With EComposer App

2.2. Change things with “Design”

As you can see from the video below that shows some specific functions:
Normal and Hover CSS Filters allow you to change the Blur, Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Hue by Default or by Hovering over the Map.

How To Change The Design With EComposer App

2.3. Change things with “Advanced”

In this Settings, there are 4 sub settings such as:
Advanced: You can change the margin, padding or even the Width and the Position of the Maps here.
Background: This settings allows you to change the Background by default or by hover, but in this case it won’t work because Google Maps doesn’t have a background.
Visibility: With this you can hide the Maps on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile.
In here are CSS ID, CSS Classes, Custom HTML and Custom CSS for advanced user who knows how to code.

How To Change The Advanced With EComposer App

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