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The “Buy Now” button is a call-to-action button that allows customers to quickly purchase a single item without going through the entire checkout process. When a customer clicks the “Buy Now” button, they are taken directly to the payment page where they can enter their payment information and complete the purchase.

This feature is useful for customers who want to make a quick purchase without having to add items to their cart and go through the entire checkout process. It can also be beneficial for businesses that sell the limited edition or one-of-a-kind items, where customers may want to quickly secure their purchase before the item sells out.

1. How to add a Buy Now element

Note: This element doesn’t work with subscriptions app

From the Single Product tab, you can drag and drop the Buy Now element to anywhere that you want it to stay.

2. How to configure the Buy Now element

2.1 Content

  • Button Label: You can change the text of the button here
  • Icon: This allows you to add an icon after the text
  • Button animation: Turn on this option to set the animation for the button.
  • Loop time(s): You also can adjust Loop time freely.

2.2. Design


  • Alignment: You can flexibly change the position of the icon.
  • Width: The width of the button can be set here.
  • Typography: Change the style of the button text.
  • Text Shadow: Choose a color > Adjust the position of the shadow using the horizontal and vertical attributes.
  • Box Shadow: Set the shadow for the button content.

You are also allowed to change Widthtext colorbackgroundborderborder radiusand spacing for both Normal and Hover.


  • Size: You can set the size of the icon
  • Rotate: This set the rotation of the icon.

There are also options like color, background, border, box-shadow, and border radius for both Normal and Hover.

Animation Effect

  • Animation: It allows you to select the animation for the button. There are 21 options.

You can follow this video below for details about the design for the Buy Now element. 

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