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What you’ll have when you come to the “Pricing” element? Let’s go forward with EComposer App to find it out.

The Pricing element allows you to clearly demonstrate the information from each packet (plan) to your customer who wants to upgrade their level. Show more details about your company packet to your customers, and let them compare what they will have for now and even after the upgrade. Follow the stages below with us to create one that belongs to your store.

1. Adding Pricing

Note: You can include a variety of elements such as Icon, Heading, Button, Text, Divider and so on. Showcase all of the details that you want to send to your customer in the Pricing elements. Following the instance bellow.

  1. Click into Elements –> Advanced –> Pricing
  2. Drag the Pricing element from the left sidebar and Drop it wherever you want it to stay.

2. Configure Pricing

2.1. Editing Row

As you can see from the video below about how to edit rows, you can set up lots of fantastic elements for the columns at the same click. Go to the little icon right in the top middle of the column to set it.

  • Layout: You totally can set up the column on the row as Content Width, Content Height, Column Gap, Overflow hidden, or Align columns inside. Including Structure, let you share the percentage of each column easier in that way and you may have a chance to create a new column by adding it, also you may delete it if you want to.
  • Design: Allow you to change the Background color, and CSS Filters, set Border for that and you may edit the Typography.

2.2. Editing Each Column

First of all please go on the little pen icon at the right corner to go to the setting board. And then you will get your own design for each column in that.

  • Layout: This element allows you to set the Column width, and Elements space, as Align elements inside for the one column that you are setting only.
  • Design: Let you feel free to create a color style for the column that belongs.

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