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“What is the Navigator?” You may wonder about this question when you see this article title. Let us help you answer it :)

The Navigator allows you to see all the site structures with a clear view. For example, if your page only has one or two sections, then maybe Navigator won’t be of much use. But in case your page has many sections, then Navigator will be very useful, it helps you to manage the sections more easily.

Here is what you can do with the Navigator:

Edit the name for the sections/element

Now, we will show you how to replace the Sections and Elements’ names, easier for you to remember the position of that part and so on.

Navigator allows you to view the structure of sections

Each section will include a lot of elements inside, depending on how you create it. But Navigator helps you to see the elements inside a section clearly, they are divided in order of parent and child.

Navigator helps you scroll properly to specific sections

This is probably the most useful feature we want to bring to you to make it easier to navigate to the sections. From the Navigator, when you click on a specific section, you will be taken to the correct section. Or when you click hover over on sections in the editor, you’ll get focus on the exact element you’re clicking on. Below is the detailed video.

Navigator allows you to move the position of sections

You can drag and drop the section to move the position of sections easily. When hovering over the section names, you will see the dots icon on the right side, just click and drag the sections to move the position.

You can make a section visibility/invisibility

In case you want to temporarily invisibly a section on your page, or you are editing but you are not done but you have to exit the page and come back later. you can click on the eye icon next to the section name to hide it. The names of the sections when invisible will be slightly blurred.

Navigator allows you to clear all sections on the page

For example, after importing a layout to your page, you don’t like it anymore and want to find a new layout. So you can use this feature to delete all the sections you just imported.

Note: We speak highly about thinking clearly before clicking on the “Clear all button”. You can still Reload to take it back, but what you edited in the section before will be gone. Basically, you can only take the original section back.

You can expand/collapse sections

You may like this feature as us because it is super convenient for you to view all the elements in each section that you are using on this page. Click on “Expand all” to open all and please do the same to close them.

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