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The author of some articles should be made clear, or readers should be given more information about the author or other articles about them. If you know the article’s author’s name, you can find out more information about the reader thanks to this aspect.

Content Settings

  • Icon Author: You may add more author icons to make the page more colourful.
  • Icon Position: You can adjust the position for that after adding the icon, such as Left or Right.
  • Avatar Type: You can make use of your G-avatar or Shopify avatar. The “Off” option should be selected if you don’t wish to set it.
  • Spacing: The distance between the author’s name, avatar, and icon is freely adjustable.
  • Show Author bio: This will be taken from Shopify setting ➝ Users and Permissions ➝ Choosing one of the account that created the post ➝ Bio.

Design Settings

  • General options: The Author element’s fundamental parameters, like Alignment and font size/style/colour/spacing, can be changed.
  • Icon: You can use icon colour, icon size, or icon spacing when creating designs for the icon style.
  • Avatar: The crucial component will appear with the Avatar setting (if you have one). allows you to adjust the Image’s Width, Max Width, Height, and fit, as well as some effects that may appear while the image is in the Normal or Hover state.
  • Author bio: It have the same setting as the General options.

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