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This element allows you to show the Previous article and the Next articles that you created in Shopify Blog post. The Prev/Next Article element can be used to promote your blog post an article page.

Note: The previous and next article are being taken from Shopify blog post order.

1. How to add a Prev/Next Article element

  1. Click into Elements –> Article Page –> Prev/Next article
  2. Drag the Prev/Next article element from the left sidebar and Drop it wherever you want it to stay.

2. Configure Prev/Next Article

2.1. Content

First thing you’ll need to do is to select a blog post. You can do that by clicking on the Change text under the Content tab.
Under that in the General we have these options:

  • Type: You can choose to show Previous/Next Article only or both here.
  • Previous/Next Heading: Give you the option to change the Heading text.
  • Icon: Show an icon before the Heading text.
  • Show article featured image, Show article title, Show article date: Toggle this to show/hide these options.
  • Date format: Contains a variety of different date format for you to choose.
  • Icon time, Icon position, Icon spacing: These are all self explanatory.

2.2. Design

We have a lot of Design tabs like: General, Prev Article, Next Article, Heading, Article Date, Article Title… inside them all contain design options which are all covered here.

2.3. Advanced

This tabs have been very well documented here.

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