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This element allows you to show the image of the articles that you created in Shopify Blog post. The Article Image element can be used to promote your blog post on any other pages or a blog post page.

1. How to add a Article Image element

  1. Click into Elements –> Article Page –> Image
  2. Drag the Image element from the left sidebar and Drop it wherever you want it to stay.

2. Configure Article Image

2.1. Content

First thing you’ll need to do is to select a blog post. You can do that by clicking on the Change text under the Content tab.
Under that we can add a caption for the Image.

2.2. Design

We have a few design options like: Width, Max Width, Height, Image fit, CSS Filter, Box Shadow, Border and Border Radius which are all covered here.

2.3. Advanced

This tabs have been very well documented here.

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