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You can add a contact form from EComposer to allow customers to get in touch with your store.

After submitting the form, all the information will be handled by Shopify and sent to your Sender email address that you added in Shopify settings. You can check either the spam box or all the tabs on email. If you still don’t receive the email, you can change to another email address with type.

In case you want to change the email address, please go to Shopify admin => Settings => Notifications => Sender email.

The information on Contact Form will be sent to your email

1. Content

1.1 General

These input fields below will have the same settings, and you can change their position by dragging and dropping them. You can also delete and copy those fields.

These options has the same settings

You can set Label, Placeholder, Field Name (Unique), Description, Required, and Field Width for each input field.

Settings for each option

Note: Field Name is mandatory so if you don’t fill it, you will encouter the issue on the Live Page. Field Name for Email must be “email”.

Also in this tab, you can change the Submit button label, Submit button icon, Icon position, Column gap, and Row gap.

1.2 Notification

You can either tick the Show preview message or untick it in order to show the Success message and Error message or not on the editor.

2. Design

In this tab, you can set the style of every element on the Contact Form such as Label, Input, Select, Checkbox, Radio, Submit button, Success message, and Error message

Set style for Contact Form


  • Matija

    March 20, 2023


    I ran into an issue when setting up contact forms on the landing page I’m currently building.

    When testing the contact form, I saw that when you successfully fill out a form, it redirects you to the home page, which I do not want to happen. I want to set up the submit button so that when you successfully fill out a form it just sends you a completion message and keeps you where you are.

    I have tried putting in the redirect link so that it would send you back to this landing page, but it doesn’t work – it still sends you back to the home page. (I was wondering if this is a problem because the landing page isn’t live yet)

    I would really appreciate any help you can give me.

    Kind regards,

    • Anna Nguyen

      March 22, 2023


      I’m Anna from EComposer team. I hope you are doing fine :)
      I have replied to you about this via email. Please check your inbox or you can contact us via live chat if the issue still persists

      Best Regards,


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