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The Comment Form Element will offer a form for users to fill out with their genuine feedback and convey to readers who require additional information about the Bolg Post.

Additionally, you can combine this with Comment Count Element to give you a professional outlook. If you want to learn more about Comment Count, please click here.

Note: From the very first step, you should enable the options in the blog post to make comments permitted instantly, among some other things. More information is available here.

Content Settings

1. General Settings

  • Type: With the help of the supplied options, such as Verticle and Horizontal, you can alter the form’s structure.
  • Text changing: Field name label, Filed name placeholder, Message filed label, Message filed placeholder, Field Email label, Field Email placeholder, and Submit button label can all be renamed.
  • Column gap/Row gap: The distance between the labels can be altered.

2. Notification Settings

  • Text changing: With the guidance of the Success message, Success message approved by the moderator, Moderated notice, and Error message box, you may change the content you want to deliver to the consumer.

Design Settings

  • General: The fundamental design parameters, such as Alignment, Background, Box-shadow, Border, and Border-radius, are editable.
  • Input: Text Alignment, Alignment, Typography, Color, Color Placeholder, Width, and some of the Normal/Hover effects are among the main options that you can modify.
  • Button: Among the fundamental design settings that you can change are Alignment, Typography, Text shadow, Box shadow, Border-radius, Spacing, and a few of the Normal/Hover effects.
  • Label/ Error Message/ Success Message: The usual design features for Alignment, Typography, Text colour, Text gradient, Text shadow, and Spacing can all be changed.

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