Selling Plans

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After you set up subscriptions, your customers can make scheduled purchases in a repeating frequency. On the left side, you will see the Selling Plans element in the list of elements. Drag and drop it to any position that you want it to stay.

1. Content

  • Title: Custom title for the selling box.
  • One time title: Custom title for One-time purchase option.

Note: If you want to see information about your subscriptions, you must be using a subscription app from the Shopify App Store

2. Design


Helps you configure the style of the title with options for AlignmentTypographyText ColorText Shadow, Border and Spacing.


You can set Spacing. You can these options for both NORMAL, HOVER and ACTIVE modes: BackgroundBorder and Spacing.

Please follow this video below for details:

You can learn more about design options here.

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