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Inventory is an element that uses to show the product quantity status on your products page. It allows you to show In/Out stock and more. Let’s stick to this article to figure it out: From Elements > Single Product > Inventory

In order to configure Content and Design for this Inventory element, you just need to click on the Element.

1. Content

Note: The Inventory shows the real product quantity. You can set it on Shopify Dashboard > Products > Choose the product then scroll down to change the quantity.

  • If it is an “In stock” product, you are allowed to freely enter text for the Instock label and Inventory label.
  • If it is an “Out stock” product, you are allowed to freely enter text for the Outstock label, Unavailable text, PreOrder text, and Next incoming date text.

If you wanna show the Next incoming date, you must set it first on Shopify. Please refer to these steps to figure it out.

From Shopify Admin > Products > Open the product that you configured as a Pre-order product

  • Show product inventory when less than: You can set the minimum quantity to show. For example, your product quantity is 100, however, you set 50 here. The Inventory only shows when the real quantity on the Shopify product is under 50.

2. Design

2.1. General

  • You are allowed to change Alignment, Box Shadow, Border, and Border Radius for the Inventory element.

2.2. Instock, Outstock, Unavailable, and Preorder text

  • All options allow you to change the style for Typography, Text Shadow, Box Shadow, Text Color, Background, Border, etc. Please refer to this article to figure them out.

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