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What do you know about Description? Let’s find it out with EComposer App.

A description allows you to introduce more details about the product that you are going to sell, such as where it comes from or the price of each type. You may also know what kind of material the product is made of. If you would like to read more about it, kindly follow the directions below.

Note: In the EComposer App, you can’t directly edit the Description Content. It is the description of product that you add to Shopify. You can go to edit your product in Shopify admin to edit the description.

1. Adding Description

  1. Click into Elements –> Single Product –> Description
  2. Drag the Description element from the left sidebar and Drop it wherever you want it to stay.
Illustrate How To Add The Description With EComposer App

2. Configure Description

2.1. Content


  • This feature allows you to Select the Product at this function and lets you view what it will look like.


  • Content-Type: HTML
    • You may choose HTML: In Shopify, you can format and style your description by using a rich text editor. When using the rich text editor, HTML tags will be added to the content. To examine the HTML document or something like the content from inside the editor, click the Show HTML button. Please follow the steps below to update how to change the description.
  1. Go on Shopify Admin
  2. Click on the Product to choose what kind of thing that you want to edit.
  3. Find the Product that you would like to change and add the Description.
  4. Following the arrow and click on the button to view HTML page.
How to view the HTML page
As well as you can view the example of the HTML page above
The resulting view after adding the HTML code for the Product Description
  • Content-Type: Text
    • You may choose Text: All HTML tags in the Product Description have been removed. The Text type is used to create the description section in this example.
The result after changing to Text type Description
  • Description Type: You can set the description how to show all Full view Descriptions or Short view Descriptions.

    When you choose the Description Type -> Tab option, the content of the Description is automatically divided into tab layout styles.

Tabs are often used to break up different information/topics that you want your customers to be aware of when reading about the product or service. They can be a great way to reduce visual clutter while also showing much more detail without having to send a customer to a different page. 

Every tab has one tab title so the Heading tag option means that you decide which heading tags from the description will show up as the tab titles.

In this example, the Heading tag – H3 is chosen.

Note: you must add Heading tag texts to the content of the Shopify product description for this to work.

Once the tab titles automatically arrange and show up according to the product description, you don’t have to use Metafiled to customize content on different products anymore, just need to use this Tab feature

Note: The content of the title and content should not contain div, style, script, or main tags, like this:

  • Maximum words to show: This allows you to change the number of words that will be shown in the Product Description.
  • The feature without saying is the Show view more icon, the Icon position, including Spacing, View More text button, and View Less text button. In the end, you can view full of the guidance video from us below.
How To Changing The Content With EComposer App

2.2. Design

You may create a new style design that belongs to your own with a bunch of features below, to make your Product Description look more colorful.

  • Description: You may set up the Alignment, Typography, Text Color, and Text Shadow for the text.
  • View more/ View less/ Icon: Also you can change some of the useful structures like Alignment Typography, Text Shadow, Box Shadow, and some of the functions when you choose the Normal button or Hover.
How To Changing The Design With EComposer App

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