Variant Attributes

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From the left side, you will see Attributes element in the list of elements. Drag and drop it to any positions of the selected structure.
This element allows you to add Attributes information for your product. The data will be got from Shopify.

1. Content

You can show maximum 5 items and set the title for these elements: Product Options, Product Vendor, Product Type, Product Collections and Product Tags. Those values are got from Shopify.

You can easily delete and move the items

2. Design


Helps you configure the style of the title with options for Background, Border, Shadow and Border Radius.


The Spacing option allows you to change the space between the attribute element and the others.


You can set up Alignment, Typography, Text Color, Text Shadow, Width and Padding for the label.

Attribute text

You can set up Alignment, Typography, Text Color, Text Shadow for the attribute.

Attribute link

You can set Alignment, Typography, Text Color and Text Shadow for the link.

Please follow this video below for details:

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