EComposer pricing plans

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The EComposer offers clients a variety of pricing plans to help you find one that fits the needs and budget of your business. If you are unsure about which pricing plan to choose, you can experiment with the Free plan to know the features and usage of the EComposer. The EComposer has 4 plans: Free, Basic, Pro and Premium.
Pricing Plans Of The EComposer

How can I Upgrade to the EComposer paid Plans?

If you want to Upgrade to the EComposer paid plans, you can always proactively Upgrade your pricing plans. Please follow these steps:
Upgrade The Pricing Plans
  1. Go to the EComposer dashboard.
  2. On the lower-left corner of the screen, click the Pricing plans button.
  3. Click on the Choose plan button of the plan you want to Upgrade into.
Upgrading To A Higher Plan
Note: You will be charged as soon as Upgrade your plan and receive the correct features according to the Pricing Plans you have selected.

How do I Downgrade my plan?

The steps to Downgrade are similar to Upgrade. You will choose the plan you want then click the Downgrade or Choose plan button.
Downgrading To A Lower Plan
Note: If you want to Downgrade your plan to a lower plan, you have to delete the pages/templates according to that plan’s feature limitations. If you are in a Pro plan and you are having 20 standard pages and 1 product template when you Downgrade your plan to Free, you have to delete 17 standard pages and 1 product template, only keep 3 standard pages to use and edit. Because with the Free Plan, you can only create up to 3 standard pages.
Note: You should Downgrade or Upgrade on the last day of your billing cycle. For more information on how Shopify charges, please refer to this link.
For each plan, there are corresponding features. You can refer to it and make a decision for your store. To see details please click here.

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