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We are so sorry to see you leave. If possible, please contact us via the live chat or [email protected] if you faced any issues while using the app, or if we missed any features.

Important notice: When you uninstall the app:

  1. Within 48 hours, the pages/templates you created in EComposer will remain accessible and fully functional on your store.
  2. After 48 hours, the pages/templates will be moved to the “Trash” of the app and will be permanently deleted after 30 days. There is no way to restore them at this point. While the pages may still be viewable on the store, they may encounter issues.
  3. If the customer reinstalls the app within 48 hours, there is no need to republish any pages. However, after 48 hours, they must restore the pages from the trash and republish all of them. You can refer to this document to restore the pages.

What should you do before uninstalling the app?

When you installed EComposer to your store, we added some code to your theme to make the app work. So in case you want to uninstall the app, please follow the below steps to remove all code of EComposer from your theme.

Step 1: Restore to Shopify default templates. Please do the same with all templates that you created in EComposer.

Step 2: Delete all pages/templates that you created in EComposer.

Note: Please do with all pages/templates that you created in EComposer like Homepage, products, collections, blogs, and article templates…

Step 3: Cancel the subscription, please follow this article.

Step 4: Reset to the Shopify default theme. Please go to the App Settings -> Theme management -> Reset App, and click on the Reset button to reset to the Shopify default theme. This action will remove all codes of EComposer from your theme.

Note: If you delete our app without restoring to the original theme, we will not be responsible for problems that occur after that.
All of your data will be deleted from the app after you uninstalled the app. Learn more about our Privacy policy

In case you delete the app in Shopify admin without Reset to the default theme, please refer to this document to understand the code that we added to your theme, so you can remove the code manually way.

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