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Working as online merchants, we definitely know that Shopify is a quick and easy approach to creating an eCommerce store. However, the default themes and templates offered can be limited, restricted, and even quite hard to configure for newcomers. 

Therefore, we has manipulated our over 5-years-experience to realize the limitations and customers’ demand through different platforms of over millions customers. Today, we want to introduce for you a Shopify Page Builder App named “EComposer” with an expectation that being the best Shopify Page Buider App.

What are wonderful features that "EComposer" can help your store?

  • Flexible page and template designs: Page-builder-app, as is customary, focuses on providing an experience similar to Shopify through its built-in library. For example, you might install an app, then choose a layout, then modify the inner texts and images. However, you can not change the layout’s structure. EComposer is the best solution for it, which allows you to adjust both layouts and inner contents.
  • Drag-and-drop page building: You can easily set up elements from an app’s library onto the page using drag-and-drop editing. The margins and paddings can then be adjusted to ensure that your site appears fantastic on all devices. After that, you can add images, text, and other stuff to your page.
  • Extensive library of elements: There are a variety of available templates, pages that you can choose for your store.
  • Compatible with themes: our app is compatible with all most of Shopify themes, such as KallesGeckoBasel
  • Comprehensive help center via different platforms: You can get the helpful information via Live chat, Community group, Youtube channel, and Email. Don’t hesitate to ask us any questions if you’re confused about something. Besides, we would be really happy if you could send us insights into the App

On behalf of EComposer development team, we would like to thank you for your interest in this application. We’re not sure you’ll be using our App but at least you’re interested in it. We hope to serve you as an EComposer customer. There are many other functions which Ecomposer could help to build an extraordinary store. Let’s experience this App now!

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