Quick start with EComposer

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Following the basic steps is the fastest way you can get familiar with any product, and so is EComposer. Please follow the steps required for a new user here.

1. Go to Setting and configure some basic settings

You need to configure two information, email and store password, this allows EComposer to generate previews and you can view them.

2. Create your first page

You can create a page you want by looking to the left, here is a list of the types of pages you can create with EComposer. You can also click the Create New button to create a page.

3. Config your Site Style

From Editor, go to Settings and config site style

Here are some default values, you can keep it as it is. However, pay attention to the Content Width section, if your Shopify theme has a Content Width of 1400px, here you should configure the Content Width of the app to be 1400px. It will help the website to have synchronization between the layouts of EComposer and Shopify theme.

In addition, you can also configure values for the corresponding elements such as Body text, Link, Buttons, Form… these are also very important elements to help you create the synchronization of the typo in the process. use EComposer.

4. Config your Global Color

You also need to configure the main colors that you will use or simply the colors of the brand that you work on. This will help you configure colors for components faster.

After configuring the color values, in the process of working you just need to select them in Global Color.

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