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On your homepage, customers will frequently want to display previews of recent blog articles. This


What you’ll have when you come to the “Pricing” element? Let’s go forward with EComposer


What do you know about Hotspot? Let’s figure it out with the EComposer App. The


The Social element is represented by interactive digital channels that facilitate the creation and sharing


Some of you are wondering about “What is it” and “How can we use it.”

How to use Element Presets?

All EComposer elements include a selection of element presets. An element preset is simply a


The Text Editor element allows you to enter the rich text you wish to be

How To Create A Blog Template

The changes you can make to the Default Template for your Theme are limited. If

General Settings

These options from the Settings menu allow you to fill in all your private stores


How do you install EComposer Visual Page Builder in your store? This guide walks you