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If you have already built a nice page/template/section but you wanna save it on your devices, send it to others. Or you receive a file and now you want to import it. Please stick to this article to figure it out!

Note: The import and export features are available on paid plans only.

    1. How to Export a page/template/section?

    Please click on Publish -> General -> Change the Title. This name is also your export file name. After that, Click on the dropdown arrow next to Publish -> Export as a file.

    2. How to Import a page/template/section?

    Importing is one of EComposer’s outstanding features. It helps you Save and Import the page/section/template as a file on your device. Then, you can use it anytime even if you have deleted this app.

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    If you haven’t built anything in your page/template/section, you can click on Import directly and tick on the option which you want.

    • Section Data (Must choose): This option helps you import codes automatically.
    • Page setting: Import all settings from the file.
    • Site style: Import all styles from the file.
    • Global typography and color: All typography and color parts will be imported.
    • Custom CSS, JS: If the file has custom CSS, JS, you can choose to import it or not.

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