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As you know when you finish with your Page, you are going to click on Publish, Save, Save as Draff, or Save in the Library or event you want to Preview the page that you are creating. Let’s follow up on our stages below to get more details on how it works and what it is for.

1. How to Publish your page

1.1 Save with Publish mode

For the first choice (Published): This option will let the customer view your page anytime since you set this option. Please click on:

  1. Click Save
  2. And then turn Page Visibility to Published mode
Page Visibility Options

1.2 Save without Publish

For the second option (Hidden): With this one, you just Save this page without Publish and no one can view it, you just can see this page via the Shopify preview link.

Page Visibility Options

Here is where to get to Shopify Preview Link

How to Use Shopify Review

2. How to Save as draft (Manual save)

Note: All drafts are saved on the browser and device you used to edit the page/template. It is not possible to restore from other devices or browsers.
Also, the Save as Draft button just shows up when you have already Saved or Published the page before.

Save as draft should be used to keep your work and many more for you to review later. For instance, when you want to try some new designs on an existing page but are not sure if the designs might have a better look compared to the original one, then you can use Save as Draft to keep it. And by the way, if you want to use it again then just need to get it in the Draft Saved icon above to get it.

You can save more than 1 draft for a page and review it any time you want. Save as draft is permanent.

3. How to Save to a library

The “Save to Library” features allow you to save any page, and you can insert or edit it whenever you want to use them again.

  • Save page: Choose Save to Library feature in dropdown arrow in the top-right corner > Enter page’s name and click save.
  • Access Library: Click to this icon on top-left screen > choose My Templates tab to show all saved pages and sections.

4. How to Preview/View Page your page from EComposer

  • Preview: If you are designing a page but you haven’t Saved or Published the page, so the Preview button allows you to view all the changes without Saving/Publishing the page. For another instance, even if you already Saved/Published it and then you are going to change the color, and font for the page again. After that, you don’t want to press Save or Publish, but you still can view the result from the Preview button.
  • View Page: Also, when you come to the View Page button, then the result that you can view is the one that you already Saved or Published before.

The video below will show you more details.

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