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Block Builder allows you to build any section you want by EComposer and easily insert them into your Shopify themes. Moreover, there are tons of pre-made section layouts that save you time and effort to have a stunning & professional page design.

Two of the benefits that come to mind:

  • You can use this Block to easily edit the block and the changes will be applied to all of them. For example, you can create a Newsletter Block and insert it on a couple of pages. After that, you can simply edit the block in the global block builder rather than editing each section on each page individually.
  • This Block can be used as content in a blog article or a product description from the theme. 

1. How to create a new Global Block in EComposer

In order to create a new Global Block for your store, please go to App Dashboard -> Extra builder -> Global Block -> Create Global Block.

To build the content for your new Global Block, you can use an available layout from our library, or you can use the elements to build it. Please watch the below video.

After creating a new Global Block in EComposer, please click Save -> Save and Publish button.

2. How to insert Global Block to your EComposer page?

To insert a Global block to your pages, please go to the edit page and add a new section. Then you can search for the Global Block in the Shopify tab and drag it to any position that you want, and select the according to Global Block.

3. How to embed the Global block into a Shopify page content?

This feature allows you to use the Global Block for your theme article, standard, product page, and collection page. For example, you can use this to add a Product Grid to all of your articles, but since Shopify Editor is very limited in customization, this is not possible. With this feature from EComposer it’s now possible. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. From the Dashboard -> Extra Builder -> Global Block.
  2. Click on Embed into Template.
  3. Select your desire Page type and template and hit on the Embed button.
  4. Click on Copy Shortcode on the block that you’ve created -> Copy Shortcode again.
  5. Navigate to your page and paste the shortcode to the editor -> Press Save and it’s done!

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