What is the difference between the Global block and Section builder?

Author: Anna Nguyen 596 views

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between the two of them?

Basically, both Global Block and Section Builder will help you create and add same section into multiple positions on your website. When changes need to be made, you can edit those block/section once and it will apply to entire website.

However, the way and positions you can add them are different as below:

Global block:

  • You can add it to pages created with EComposer (global block work as an element on EComposer editor).
  • You can also add it to the Content tab on the blog post, a product, collection or a page in Shopify using the Embedded shortcode.

Section builder: You can add it between the sections of the pages in Shopify through the theme editor.

Note: A global block can’t be added through the “Add block” button in the theme editor. For a visual reference, please see the video below.

You can only add a Section to the pages in Shopify theme editor.

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