How can you resolve the issue “Do not change the APP PROXY URL”?

Author: Charlotte Tran 619 views

While editing in the EComposer editor, somehow that exhibits the issue such as the screenshot below. This issue may be related to your domain. For example, the domain is not connected, not verified,…

To resolve this issue, please choose one of the two options listed.

  • First solution: Check the Domain for the Online Store. Go to Shopify Setting -> Domains to check your store domain to make sure the primary domain is working fine.
  • Second solution: Check the APP PROXY URL of EComposer
  1. Go to Shopify Setting -> Apps and Sales channels
  2. Click on the app > Hit Customize URL button
  3. Make sure that the handle is: ecomposer-visual-page-builder -> Save
  4. Finally, open the EComposer app again and clear the cache.

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