How to replace a new page create in EComposer to the old page in Shopify?

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For example, your store has an About us page, but it looks not good and you want to use EComposer to build a new About us page. Then you want to replace the new About us page to the old ơn the navigation. To do that, please follow the below steps.

Step 1: After done editing your page, please publish it first. Then go to Page -> View page to get the page URL.

Step 2: Copy the page URL.

Note: The page url must be unique. So if you have a page with the url is “about-us” already, please use another url for the new page in EComposer. Or you can remove the old page in Shopify to re-use the “about-us” url in EComposer.

Step 3: Find your navigation in Shopify.

  • If you are using a Kalles theme, you can find the navigation in your theme customized. Go to Shopify admin -> Online store -> Theme customize -> Header design -> Click on the menu item you want to change the URL.

Replace by pasting the page URL that you copied on Step 2 to the Link option.

After done, click Save to save your changes. Please follow the below video for detail.

Replace the new page create in EComposer to the old page with Kalles theme
  • If you use another theme, please go to Shopify admin -> Online store -> Navigation -> Menu -> Edit your menu.

Open your menu, click the Edit button, and paste the link to the Link option.

Finally, save your navigation. Below is a detailed video.

If you are wanting to add a new page create in EComposer to your navigation, please refer to this document.

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