Why can’t I use EComposer on tablet/mobile?

Author: An Do 520 views

We do not recommend using EComposer on mobile/tablet and highly recommend using the app on a big screen like a desktop/laptop because of some typical reasons:

  • The page editor of the app is a live drag & drop editor, with your page template at the center and editor menu at the sidebar. Hence, you need a big screen enough to drag & drop elements or edit the elements directly in your template.
  • The page editor of the app includes tons of options so that it can meet your customization requirements. It’s hard to show and arrange these options on a small screen. Just see the image below, it is one of the element options:
  • While designing your website, your page, or even a section, it is important to focus on details and accuracy. Therefore, it is much easier and more convenient for you to use EComposer page builder on a big screen, where you can visualize everything in detail.

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