What we can do with EComposer when using a Shopify theme?

Author: Anna Nguyen 3096 views

There are many customers that are using the Kalles, Gecko, Basel, or other themes with EComposer. So there are a few points that need to be clarified here:

  1. Please note the pages created in the theme and EComposer are separate. They will not affect each other.
  2. The pages created in the Shopify theme should be edited in your theme, you can’t edit them in EComposer. The pages created in EComposer can only be edited in EComposer.
  3. With EComposer, you can create extra sections and insert them into the pages created in Shopify. For example, your existing homepage doesn’t have a Video block, so you can create a video section in EComposer and then insert it into your homepage. Go here to read more.
  4. More specifically, you can use EComposer to build more beautiful and professional pages like a home page, landing, about us, contact, product, collection… They are separate pages with your theme.

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