How to transfer from a Standard page to a Homepage?

Author: Anna Nguyen 5660 views

Creating a page with the wrong page type is a problem usually committed by EComposer users. For example, you created the Homepage under the Standard page by mistake. So you might want to switch from the Standard page to the Homepage instead of recreating the page from scratch. Please follow the steps below.

Step 1: Save your page as a template to the library by clicking on the Save to Library option.

Step 2: Create a new blank Homepage.

Step 3: Open the library ( the icon on the top left of sidebar) -> open the My Templates tab -> Find the saved template and insert it to your new page.

Step 4: Finally, please click Publish and turn on the Publish and Overwrite Shopify default homepage options to publish your page and make it as a homepage.

Step 5– You can Delete the old wrong page type to avoid any confusion

You can watch the below video:

Note: If you want to transfer other page types, please do the similar steps.

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