What you need to do when changing theme?

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To ensure a seamless transition and proper functionality of EComposer when changing your Shopify theme, please follow the detailed instructions provided below:

Step 1: After changing the theme, the first step is to access the EComposer dashboard. Inside the app, you will find an option to select the theme that you just changed to and click on the Save button. Selecting the new theme within EComposer establishes the connection between EComposer and the new theme.

Step 2: Once you have selected the new theme within EComposer, proceed to re-publish the pages and templates that were previously created using our app. This step is crucial to synchronize your content and design elements generated by EComposer with the updated theme. By re-publishing, you ensure that all the pages and templates reflect the changes made to the layout or structure of the new theme.

Step 3: Please take note that when you change the theme, all the flexible sections that were added to the existing pages of Shopify theme will be lost. These flexible sections provide customizable content areas, allowing you to create unique layouts. To restore these flexible sections, you will need to add them again specifically for the default Shopify pages of the new theme. This step ensures that your pages align with the default configuration of the new theme and maintains consistency across your website. You can read more about the Section builder here.

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