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This is a wonderful feature of the EComposer app. Users can use this feature to create a section following their choice, then drag and drop that section into the theme that has been installed on the store.

This is the monopoly and most important feature of the EComposer app. There is currently no Shopify Page Builder app that can do this. This feature will provide users with a variety of interesting experiences while also saving them as much time as possible.

1. Create a section in Extra Builder option

You can click to Shopify Section menu on the left side to start Create a section:

For example: we created a Section called “Shopify Section 1” successfully with the app

2. Insert the section into the Shopify theme

After you created the section, it will be saved in the App Dashboard but you will go to Theme -> Customize to use it

Now you can see the new section can be found when you search for its name in Theme Editor

Notice: With all themes do not support Shopify 2.0, you guys only can add sections to the Homepage. But with Shopify 2.0’s theme, you can add sections to any pages

You can follow the detailed video below to learn how to Add/ Insert a Ecomposer section to the Shopify theme​

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