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This is a wonderful feature of the EComposer app, it will provide users with a variety of interesting experiences while also saving them as much time as possible. Users can use this feature to create a section following their choice, and then insert it into the published theme in their store.

Note: You can only insert sections from EComposer to between the sections of your pages in Shopify, not to a section.

1. Create a section in the Extra Builder option

There are 2 ways for you to create a Section:

  • You can flexibly add the element such as Heading, Icon List, GG Map, or more for your Section ( For experienced people)
  • Better you may try the example Sections layout from our app by a click on Explore Library/ Template Library and choosing Section. After that, you can change the information that belongs to your store ( For someone new to creating)

2. Insert the section into the Shopify theme

After you created the section, it will be saved here:

The Section that you just created has been saved here

You can follow the video below to know how to Add a section to the Shopify theme​:

Note: If you want to insert sections from EComposer to other pages in Shopify, you can do the same way on the Homepage. Just open the page that you want in Shopify theme editor and find the Add section option.

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