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SearchPie is one of the top Shopify for SEO boosters. With its multiple functions all in one, merchants can stay relaxed with an optimized website for the greatest Google search ranking.

SearchPie is deeply integrated into EComposer that allows merchants to obtain SEO checklist for their webpages built in EComposer.
Besides, EComposer users are offered 10 slots of AMP converting pages.

Let’s explore this in detail!

Case 1: SEO Checklist of EComposer Pages

The SEO Checklist is located on the left-sidebar inside the app. Upon opening the SEO checklist, it will calculate a score for the current page and show a checklist below with details for optimization:

  • Meta title
  • Meta description
  • Alt tags
  • HTML tags
  • Google snippets
  • Favicon
  • AMP
  • Instant page
  • Google Analytics

If you need any help or have any questions about Search Pie, please chat with their support here to get help from them (24/7 live chat support)

Case 2: Converting EComposer pages into AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) helps improve the user experience with a faster loading speed of mobile pages. With AMP from SearchPie, your Shopify store is going to be a user-oriented, mobile-friendly and high-performing website.

How AMP works? Basically, converting EComposer pages into AMP using SearchPie will not change the page design. AMP focus on boost mobile search ranking and page speed. See video guide on how to convert AMP with SearchPie.

Currently, AMP is only available in the Enterprise plan of SearchPie.

However, with the joining force of EComposer and Search Pie, EComposer users who install SearchPie Pro plan can also request converting up to 10 AMPs in Search Pie. This helps the most important pages on your site load faster and enhance customer experiences.

How to claim this offer: EComposer users must install Search Pie via this link.

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