How to not lose content if you have trouble saving the page?

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For example, if you create a page but encounter an error when saving, you may have to reload the page or recreate the page from scratch. So how not lose what you did on that page? We would like to show you how to solve this, we are calling those stages: Save to library and Save As Template/ Save Section.

1. How to Save to library?

This option will allow you to save the whole page to the library. Please follow our video guide below to get more details.

  1. Click on the arrow next to Publish button.
  2. Press on Save to library.
  3. Set the name for your Template –> Save.
How To Save To Library With EComposer App

2. How to Save As Template

With this option, you can only save one section. If you want to get more details about it, please follow our video guide below

  1. Press on right click to open the options.
  2. Go on Save As Template to save section.
  3. Then set the name for the Section.
How To Save As Template/Save Section With EComposer App

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